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Cape Town. Foodie paradise, cultural centre, and hiker’s dream all in one. The highlights:

Table Mountain

This majestic mountain overlooks the whole city and is the must-do attraction in Cape Town.

Money-saving tip: Students enjoy half-price tickets on the pricey gondola ride up and down the mountain. From what I could tell, you have to speak to a staff member to purchase these tickets, though.

Lion’s Head

A fairly easy, 40 minute hike that wraps around a steep boulder. Ladders and staples/chains were needed for some parts, but it should be manageable for most people.

Radisson Blu Cape Town Waterfront Hotel

Radisson offers a fantastic flat rate of around $80/night worldwide for friends and family of employees, subject to availability. Breakfast is always included on this rate, and usually same-day penalty-free cancellation is permitted.

The Radisson Blu Cape Town Waterfront Hotel is located near the V&A Waterfront. We stayed here for 3 nights, and while the room interiors felt dated, it is still a terrific value. The breakfast here is quite good, with several made-to-order hot items available.

Panoramic views from the tabletop, which was teeming with dassies


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