Who is Aidan?

I’m an avid traveler and software developer originally from Atlanta, Georgia. I attended MIT for two years, but did not complete my degree. I worked as a full-stack software intern for Uber in San Francisco in 2014, and was traveling full time from then until March 2020. I am dedicated to studying airline pricing and frequent flyer programs, and hope to share my resulting knowledge through this site. I’ve visited over 50 countries, many of them more than once, and flown on over 70 airlines, flying nearly 1 million miles to do so. I will never get bored of flying!

On this site, I plan to share photos from and reflections on my travels, travel industry commentary, “travel hacking” strategy, and my thoughts on various software things.

I believe in strong consumer protections, support open access to information (especially news, medical research, and academic papers), and using straightforward, direct language whenever possible.

I hope you find my content interesting, informative and enjoyable. Unless otherwise noted, all opinions expressed, and photos and videos published on this site are my own.

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